Aussie House

It is the mission of this facility to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) youth from homelessness. We strive to bring an end to youth homelessness by... (more)

Internship – McNally Design International, Dubai, UAE

I participated in an international internship with McNally Design Design International located In Dubai, U.A.E. This opportunity allowed me to understand design from a cultural and regional aspect.

Hensel Phelps Southeast District Office

Welcome to the new Southeast District Office of Hensel Phelps. Hensel Phelps is a strong 74 year old, employee owned company located at 6557 Hazeltine National Drive, Suite... (more)

Champagne 55

Champagne 55 was designed for the Oasis of the Seas. The name originates from champagne fermentation process which typically occurs 30 meters below the ground in a bodega... (more)

Manhattan Loft Suite

The design intent was to develop a loft stateroom that will embrace, relax, and unwind guests. A retreat to a peaceful getaway was the focus of this stateroom.... (more)

IMBUE Restaurant

North Miami Beach, a city caught in between the edgy South Beach and the sophisticated village of Bal Harbor. The business culture of family owned and chain restaurants... (more)

Hand Sketches & Renderings

These are some example of hand sketches and renderings I have completed while in school.


When designing projects I focus on a branding campaign that will embrace the clients goals and take them into the future.